Sunday, 27 November 2011

Latest Hair Styles for the Year 2012

If that is an expression that you are familiar with, then the odds are that a) was raised in a time when only men frequented barber b) were raised by a man who falls into the former category, c) have the least half decent bringing. More or less guarantees that it is an expression that everyone who reads this book is familiar with. And yet, is an expression that is not used all that much more. As expressions go, languishing in a corner of a room covered in dust disused just over (what ever really say) phrases like manscaping and metrosexual. But the dust devil - you will hear much more of the short back and sides in the next year. Your stylist will beat scissors around his head and then do something you probably have not done in a long time: they will ask permission to use scissors. Neighbors, who will ask for permission. 

Why would it be? 
To put too fine a point no to it (and to quote Peter Allen) "everything old is new again." 
There will be no shortage of hair cuts in 2012 that require a set of clippers, but not all will be influenced by the way that men wore their hair in the years 1920 and 1930. We're not talking about a specific style, but a variation on a theme: short back, short sides, and the length through the top. In his time there were many his name, each one related to the subculture who commit it (in the 1980 Scandinavian countries was dubbed the synthetic hair cut as a result of its association with synth bands of the time). But in the end (no pun, really) the length at the top slicked back, which means that the disconnect between the rear, side and top makes this a cut haircut. 

The 70 are back for people with American tastes of the 60 they swing back for those who prefer something from the other side of the Atlantic, and women are working their way back through the 50's, although it will in time begin to contemplate the fashion 1920 for the second time in a few years. As for us guys, we're already there. Courtesy of Don Draper got the recovery before the 60 women did, and now we are seeing the 20's have left their mark on men haircuts 2012 - is one of those rare occasions when men's fashion is about before the woman.


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