Sunday, 27 November 2011

How to Make Gold Sequin Dotted Eyes

In creating this aspect of eye makeup points in the model Sophie Van Den Akker, makeup, Napoleon Perdis Shev Kelly kept his face fresh and flawless, so the key feature sequins. She was kind enough to share details how to do the steps with us about how to create the appearance. 


Start the look by applying a moisturizer and primer of the face. We applied the renewal of Napoleon Complex skin all over your face serum with 19b Foundation Brush artist, before adding Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation of initiator to the face. 

Preparation lips with Napoleon Perdis Auto Service pilot lips. 

Apply your first coat of mascara. Napoleon Perdis Mesmer was used eye mask, using both sides of brush mascara Mesmer (starts with the larger comb for applying mascara and separate lashes with the comb 

Using a foundation brush (in the example of Napoleon Perdis Foundation brush artist 19b), apply the base area "thematic approach" of the face (the triangle of features - eyes, nose and lips) and mix well so it disappears in the jaw line. Sophie was used by Napoleon Perdis Foundation sheer genius. 

Hide dark circles - we chose to use the pen of Napoleon Perdis Concealer powerful - eye area to conceal any discoloration or dark. Be sure to warm the concealer into the skin with your fingertip. 

Apply a touch of concealer to the entire eyelid from lash line to brow bone and decorated with a touch of Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish, creating a base of matte eyeshadow. 

The light of the foundation through the area of ​​"thematic approach" of the face-finish camera Napoleon Perdis. 

For the eyes use two colors of eye shadow: one naked and another in the same color of the sequins. Napoleon Perdis was used 16b contour brush to sweep Napoleon Perdis Color Disc skinny Dip the lash line of the brow bone. 

To highlight the inner corner of eyes, Napoleon Perdis Color was used Disk sparkling champagne.

Apply two coats of mascara to top lashes and one coat lower lashes. 


Comb your eyebrows up and out with a clean mascara wand then define an eyebrow pencil. For Sophie's eyebrows Chocoholic Napoleon Perdis was used. 

September unruly brows in place with a clear mascara as Napoleon Perdis Peep Show Mascara Madame Crystal. 


First add a little edge. Napoleon Perdis was used finishing powder brush to apply Napoleon Perdis s25 final shape of the contour palette below the cheekbone. 

With a blush brush, as Napoleon Perdis 22b Chisel Blush Brush, apply a light blush to the apples of the cheeks, adding that soft peach flush. By Napoleon Perdis Sophie used disk color orange sherbet. 

If color is used Napoleon Perdis Dip thin disk as the naked eye color can also be used to highlight the top of the cheekbones. 


Using a lip brush (in the example of Napoleon Perdis Lip Brush Compact 2b), cover the mouth with a soft coral-colored lipstick. Napoleon Perdis DeVine Sophie takes Lianna Goddess Lipstick mixed with a small amount of Napoleon Perdis lip bright veil Opal rare. 


Take two small gold sequins and cut in half. 

Use eyelash glue, sequins press through the center of the lash line up and the other half of the sequins on the lower lash line.


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